Frequently asked questions

Can I still register as a host family?

Yes please! Go to to register. 

How soon will I be informed if a refugee will come to my house?

After registration, we call each host family with substantive follow-up questions. After a successful introductory meeting, we share the information with the relevant authority. They then make the perfect match between host family and refugee.

Why is it taking so long before I hear about the follow-up?

At the moment we call daily with a team of 100+ callers. We work around the clock to facilitate matches as quickly as possible.

Do I have to meet certain requirements?

Yes, we will discuss this during the telephone meeting. We are talking about the spaces available in the house, the financial consequences and the possibilities to organize alternative help together with others (neighborhood, friends). We also ask for a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).

Is there a possibility that no refugees will stay at my home?

Yes, there is that chance. Sometimes we come to the conclusion together that the space is not suitable after all or that there are other issues at play. We always indicate whether there are other ways in which your family can help.

Can I decide for myself who I open my home for?

This is possible to a certain extent. Each host family may indicate whether they wish to receive men (and children) or women (and children).

Do I receive a stipend for accepting refugees?

Not at this moment. So consider carefully whether you can absorb possible extra costs.

Refugees do receive living allowance on a weekly basis. In consultation you can make agreements about a small compensation.

How long will refugees stay at my house?

This varies from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of three months. We will agree very clearly in advance for everyone when the reception period will end, so that you do not have to have uncomfortable conversations about it.

I have a house/room available abroad, can I register?

This is not possible. Our organization has contacts with Dutch municipalities. We recommend that you contact a sister organization in the country concerned.

I'm going on vacation soon. Can I register as a host family?

Yes this is possible. We will explicitly discuss this in the introductory meeting. The linking party may call you during your vacation.

Is it my responsibility to provide support for the refugees?

It is important to make agreements about this with each other. People who live together naturally have contact with each other and make agreements about this. As a host family, we recommend that you create a circle with people around you that can help with practical matters. For example, they can take your guest(s) out for a day trip, or keep an eye on things when you are on holiday yourself.

As soon as refugees have been placed with you, there is support from the Salvation Army. Employees visit your home and are also there for aftercare. Refugees can always be reached for advice about work, school and any asylum procedure.

Which refugees could be matched to us?

At this time, we focus on refugees from Ukraine. But as Takecarebnb, we also inventory during the telephone meeting whether there is room for refugees of other nationalities at a host family – perhaps at a different time.

What if there is a mismatch?

Just like the refugees who live with you, you can always call one of the aid organizations involved about this. If we cannot find a solution together, we will look for a solution with another host family or we will fall back on the municipal reception.

Is there also crisis support for unexpected situations?

The Red Cross provides psychosocial support to refugees in Ukrainian, Russian and English via the WhatsApp helpline: 06-48 15 80 53. Do you have a request for help as a guest household? Then you can contact the special Ukraine Information Line: 070-44 55 888 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm).